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Water in the Negev desert

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Instructions for Hikers עריכה

This is the only updated list of trail angels. It is updated based on the Hebrew list which is maintained by the rail angels. All other lists that are on the www , are not up to date, some of them are poor and none of them is maintained by the trail angels. Please check also the low cost accomodations and B&B.

Trail angels are good people along the Israel National Trail (INT) who open their hearts and their homes for hikers on the INT, free of charge. There are places that charge low prices they are listed on a separate page. You will be staying at private homes, rooms in Kibutzim, or sleep on the back or front lawn in your sleeping bag. In most places you can take a shower use the rest rooms, sometimes use the internet and occasionally cook your dinner inside the house. In some places you can have breakfast for a low fee. Pillows, blankets or sheets are not provided by trail angels. The list is arranged from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south.

Please contact the trail angel at least 48 hours prior to arrival and not after 21:00.

If you need to cancel your arrival please call the trail angel as soon as possible.

Some trail angels observe the Shabbat (Saturday)and Jewish Holidays, they are identified on the list as SHO. In such cases we kindly ask you to arrive on Friday at least 1 hour before sunset and to stay until after sunset on Saturday uless the trail angel agrees otherwise. If the (religious) trail angel lives close to the INT they will usually not object if you leave the house on Saturday morning on foot. Please inquire when contacting the trail angels. Do not call places where the Shabbat and Jewish holidays are observed, between: Friday 1 hour before sunset to Saturday 1 hour after sunset. The same applies to Jewish holidays: Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year), Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot. Please arrive and leave at a reasonable time of the day. Do not smoke while staying with a trail angel. On the morning of your departure please clean the room and leave it in a proper condition. Most trail angels are not charging for the stay but they do have to maintain the place. It is common, not required, to leave a gratuity of NIS 20 per person or more when you leave.

Places are listed from north to south. If you can't find the exact location of a village using the maps / index in the guide, it might be slightly off the map.

The list is continuosly updated. Please check as you hike to verify the most recent updates. There is a list of low cost accommodations. Please review under tab #5.

In the desert there are several water caching and pickup service providers, this service is not free of charge.

Instructions for Trail Angels עריכה

Please read the instructions on the HEBREW list ,before you make a listing here. Thank you.

Trail Passportעריכה

Places where you can get a stamp in the passport are identified in the list. The passport can be obtained at the following places:

  • The SPNI offices in Tel Aviv. tel - 036388719 Naomi, or by e-mail:
  • Trail head in Kibbutz Dan - Beit Ussishkin
  • Mitzpe Ramon field school tel.: 08-6588615
  • Trail head in Eilat - field school tel: 08-6372021


Mail Drop - MD
Laundry - L
Internet - I
Shower - S
Meals - Not alwyas free of charge - M
Saturdays and Holidays Observed. - SHO Indicates a religious family/community. Please do not call on Jewish holidays and eves. They will usually host for the duration of the holiday.

List of low cost accommodations + B&Bעריכה

List of low cost accommodations 

Bed & Breakfast

Last updateעריכה

November 30, 2017

From Kibbutz Dan to Yagurעריכה

Kibbutz Snir - Up to 3 hikers in the house. Shower, use the kitchen & more. TV & A/C in the room. Dror - 052-3125126.

Kibbutz Dan - Grocery store. Sleep & Shower in the gym or at angel's home. Roni 052-8357014. Please text a message or whatsapp only.

  • Beit Ussishkin - Trailhead in kibbutz Dan- Stamp
  • Hagoshrim - Or Zohar. Sleep, shower internet. 052-2251325
  • Beit Hillel - 2-3 hikers in the house, sleep & shower. Sivan - 0502427755

Kfar Yovel

Sleep (2), shower, internet, Idan - 0547888478
Sleep (3) sofa, shower, internet. Ivriya - 058-5555733
Sleep, shower, internet. Amit - 0524259400
Sleep, shower, internet, food (kosher), laundry. Weekends too if possible, Tehila - 0543349885, Hila - 0546377135
Up to 3 hikers - Sleep, shower, meals, pickup drop off optional. Keren: 0523641633
Up to 3 hikers. Sleep, shower, laundry, grocery store, pub, pickup drop off optional. Tali: 0507214708 Aya: 0502244803
SHO. Up to 3 hikers. Sleep, shower, laubndry. Omer: 052-2305850
Kibbutz Kfar Gileadi
A room for hikers , sleep, shower, 050-7248811. Please text only
Misgav am - sleep ,shower, internet ,laundry, a ride from/back to the trail. liel- 0547746815
Sleep, shower, laundry, interent, kosher food. Yifat 0547553167, Michal 0546464423
Beit Habad in Margaliot - Meals,laundry, shower, Erez - 0502820513; Renana - 0543387706
Kiryat Shemona
Up to 4 hikers in a room . Shower, food (Kosher) SHO, interent Esti - 0542248392
Sleep & shower. Up to 3 hikers in beds. more on the floor, kosher kitchen. Mordekhai - 052-8323175
Sleep (2 hikers), shower, food, internet. Oriane - 052-558-6082 Tal - 052-4314973
Sleep in the leaving room / porch. Shower, internet, kitchen. Moshe -  054-3055965
Mishkenot Haroim - Refill water, if empty notify Hananiya. Goat cheese available - Hananiya 0505272422
Kibbutz Iftah - Minimarket - 7-19. Studio apartment. Double sleeper sofa + mattress, shower, kitchen, internet, luandry. Pickup / drop off from Yesha junction if possible. Amotz: 058-6693071; Nurit : 052-3315569.
Ramot Naftali
A room for INT hikers only, please call in advance. Shower, restroom, mattresses, kitchen. In the area of the grocery store. S Contact Shimon 0507379218. Uri Agmon - 0544340212; Orital Agmon - 0544758494; Bettina: 050-3201111. Anat - 0507438192 ; Pls. get to the vilage center and call. If you volunteer for 1 day - ecological project - you'll get 3 meals (free), beer and more.  Talk to Shimon:  050-7379218
Family camping site. Shower & rest rooms, kitchen. Aliza - 0542055172
Yir'on - Stamp A room for hikers NIS 10. 0547768364 Shlomi.
Kerem Ben Zimra - ~1.5 off the INT. Sleep, shower, meal. All week. Shefer - 0527707770
Kibbutz Bar'am - A room for up to 8 hikers. Yehuda 052-8313013
Kibbutz Sasa - Up to 8 hikers. Shower, kitchen sleep. Yoni - 054-2873660
Meron - SHO. Sleep, shower recharge your cell phone. Aviel Amior - 0526446434
Margolin family up to 3 hikers. SHO - 04-6922705
Up to 5 hikers, in Biriya. Bed/matresses, shower. Roni - 050-9178822
SHO , shower, meal -  David - 052-4789519
.Ascent Inn SHO - 3 hrs. community volunteering is required. Boys and girls don't sleep together. 1800304070
SHO. Sleep in our apartment. Up to 10 hikers. Lior - 0507176580
SHO. Up to 4 hikers. Pickup/drop off possible from city center. 2 rooms, all you need. Tzur: 050-2345723.
Kibbutz Ginosar - Sleep on the grass across the pub, toilet (24/7), ~200 m from the sea of Galilee, small supermarket (7am-7pm Sun-Thu). Saar - 054-361-1029
Sleep, shower and all you need. Naftali - 0522850846; Rachel - 0544842725; If no answer pls. txt. Rachel.
SHO, weekdays only, pls. don't call on Saturdays. 5 minutes from the INT by bus. Ahuzat Ba\it street. The Tubul family. 046722856.
Kinneret (village of) sleep shower all your needs. Micky Cohensius - 052-2479057
Kibbutz Kinneret - Rob Roy canoes - Sleep on the lawn. Please call before 16:00 052-2413176
Beit Zera - ~ 1km from the INT. Studio apartment. A bed + mattress on the floor. Pub nearby. If I'm away: 1. Call for key location. 2. Use the double bed and other stuff in the apartment. Ohad: 0526433235
Menahamia - SHO - 2.5 km from the INT. Shower,sleep, laundry, grocery store. Ya'ir - 0544996194.
Ramat Yavneel - Day 8 @ ~ km 9.5 & day 39s @ ~km 16 in the guide. 50 m north of Ye'ela grove and south of a dirt road (red trail marker) that goes between Yavneel to Menahamia: Sleep in tents, water. Please close the gate behind you. Shlomi: 050-6688830
Kfar Kisch - Keekale's hut - Up to 15 hikers. Mattresses, shower, refrigerator, cook your own meal. 0523986703
Ein Dor The Green House: Shower, kitchen, laundry. Yosi - 053-7620749
Kfar Tavor
Up to 3 hikers, sleep inside or on the lawn, shower. Dvir family - 054-2474784
SHO - Zivan family. Up to 3 hikers. Sleep in rooms, shower, meals, laundry. Shkenia - 0528348046; Yael - 0525585120.
Nazareth Illit
Tavor Academy: shower, meals, lodging & rescue. Up to 4 hikers. Amir: 0524492888, Omer 0526686055.
Ben David family. Sleep, shower, internet, use the frige, laundry, Golan: 0509460010, Yael: 0545834539
Coffe & refill water at the western exit from the vilage. Grocery store - Halil 052-8824622
Coffe, refill water, advice. Mar'ee Mufak - Tourguide - 050-2385649
Hoshaya - It is a religious community
Tali - SHO S 054-7545012
Sleep in a room or on the lawn. Shower, WIFI etc. Avishai and Milka - 0507737778
Aliza - SHO S 058-6462991
Yaacov - SHO S 050-6283079
Menahem - SHO S - Large tent 054-3000788
Ela and Dubi - SHO Sleep, shower, and more. 0507362648
Yosi and Lea Levi - SHO 054-4856331
Sleep, shower &more. Orna and Doron 052-2720441
Sleep, shower, laundry & what you need. Aliza Marmor - 0542080701
057-7762105 Sleep on the lawn
Large tent, shower, hot meals, laundry, comfortable sleeping. 7 days a week. El'ad - 054-3531653.

Resh Lakish olive produce - Sleep at their yard, S - 052-8454662, 04-6465021

Up to 5 hikers. Sleep, shower, hot meals, pick up/drop off, laundry. Eran: 054-5932159

Alon Hagalil
Camping site for thru hikers only - 0508242444, 04-9869888
Fresco - camp out. Restrooms, internet, elctricity, grocery store, sink, Alon - 050-5404258
Shimshit - S, I. Pickup from the trail available. 052-3747564 Efrat
Gefen Family S, up to three travelers, Shower, can cook in kitchen, pickup from trail if arranged in advance, store. non smokers. Moshe - 0528588828
Kaabiya Tabash
Shower, food and sleep - Sharon - 0543128425
Hussein - Grocery store by the house. Sleep on the ground floor.04-6656630.
Givat Ella - (10 min from Movil junction) Shavit Family Orly and Gady -optional pickup, sleep - 0542021725
Alonei Aba - Moti 052-6464909

Nofit - Up to 4 hikers in the house, shower, WIFI, refrigerator, supermarket, pls. clean before leaving. Daliya 052-5461158


Up to 2 hikers. Shower, use the kitchen. Pickup /drop off optional. Aviv - 0528606204
Michal and Ran Sadeh - Sleep, shower, meals - 052-5678785
Shomer Family. 052-5554948, a room for 2 & shower, grocery store. 1 km from the trail
Yael & Hadas - Sleep, shower, grocery store - 0529276915, 0544999678.
Up to 8 hikers. Sleep, shower, cook your meal. Yuval - 0503117123.
Kfar Hassidim
  • Supermarket.
  • Tea, rest area, water, Ben Azar - on the INT.
  • Up to 2 hikers. Sleep, shower. Non kosher. Bomard family - 0545817816, 04-9847388
Nesher - Sleep, shower, meal, pick up when possible Yael 050-7939644
Yagur - Sleep (in/out), shower, restrooms, WIFI, refrigerator. Omer: 054-5618136

From Haifa to Tel Aviv עריכה

  • Isfiya
In the house matresses / sofa, outside on the yard. Shower, kitchen internet. Tomer - 0548041191.
Matan- a room for hikers. Shower and dinner - 0558861515
Right on the trail. Iftah - 0544259159
Sleep inside or on the porch. 2-3 hikers. Alon & Adi 054-5765602
Sleep on sofa/mattresses, shower, internet, meals, coffee. Gal - 054-6917666
By the INT, for 2 hikers. Shower, vegan meal, coffe and smiles. Neta & Tal - 0528197211
Gabi Sagi on weekends only. Pickup drop off. 0526904058 L, I, M, S
Pickup & drop off. Laundry, internet, shower. Moran and Atalia, 0549732035
Sleep, shower, pickup and drop off. 15 min. drive from the trail. 052-3142162 (Tzvika), 054-7894543 (Ron)
20 min. by bus from the INT. Stay for a day off too. Shower, sleep, internet, laundry. Ataliya - 0549732035 Moran - 050-9505584
Pickup/drop off. I keep Kosher. Sleep, meal, laundry. Naama: Whatsapp 0506443211. 
Beit Oren 2 km from the trail. Hot shower, kitchen. Ran 052261878
Megadim - 2 km from the INT north on route 4 from Oren junction (Map B). Sleep, shower, use the kithcen. Dori & Einav - 0542198765
Nir Etzion
Daphna & Meir SHO, 0505923746
Nehemia and Ada Rassel SHO 0505738324, 0506765841
Ein Hod
SHO - Hedi Shmueli S , 049842339 , 0505252778
Mira and Giora - Sleep on the lawn, shower, restroom, kitchen , cell phone charge, 04-9842702, 054-6696366
Yotam Khan - SHO. 04-9842912
Up to 4 hikers inside the house or on the yard. Shower, laundry, use the kitchen. Dalit 054-3104940.
Ofer - Up to 3 hikers, sleep on the lawn. Shower, internet. Nora & Ilai - 077-5164311
Zikhron Yaacov
Hagege family - SHO Shower, laundry, pickup/dropoff, meals, available weekends and holidays only. Up to 5 hikers. 0546442207
Hagai family. 2 hikers in the house, 3 more on the lawn. Weekdays only, after 19:00. Shower, meals. Ravid: 0527464458. Pls. text or Whatsapp only.
Up to 6 hikers, sleep, shower. Avi - 0503355110
Up to 3 hikers. 1 km from the INT. Shower, meals, English speakers, Pls. arrive after 18:00. Ben Ari family. Ofer: 054-6547947. Noa: 052-3900119.
Giv'at Ada Shower, Laundry, Hot Meal, Sleep, Internet, Mail Drop, Pickup/Drop Off from the Trail. Up to 3 Hikers. 04-6208899, Noa - 053-2217149, Noam - 052-3796636
The solar guarden Sleep, shower, internet. Yaniv - 052-3300212, Guri - 072-2612211,
Katz family 1 km from the trail , shower, sleep, internet, meals, Ruti - 0547701963
Shmuelevitch family - Sleep, shower, internet. Pickup and meals if possible. Ronit - 050-2002628
Lavi family - SHO, up to 3 hikers. 10 min. walk from Hataninim bridge. Shower, meal, internet. Sterni - 052-4448530
Beit Hananiya
Sleep on the lawn. Must coordinate at tel: 04-6361157
Sleep, shower, internet. Tal & Arnon Rosmarine - 052-5288588
A room for up to 3 hikers. Shower, internet. Aviva Golan - 0546629745
Ma'agan Michael
Sleep in the house, shower, laundry. 054-8038979
Up to 3 hikers. Shower, kitchen, internet. Lior - 0526086855
For 2 hikers. Shower, laundry, meals. Rachel - 0522242847 Uzi - 0522465749.
Gisr A-Zarka - Fishermen's village Nadav 052-5662423 Mussa 052-6360082
1-2 hikers. Pickup & drop off.shower,laundry,meals. Varda & Avi 052-2530360; 052-4278278
Sleeping room and shower. Yali - 0544400046
1.5 km from the INT. Up to 2 hikers. Sleep, shower, meal, TV. Orly - 054-9809988
Sedot Yam - 1-2 hikers. Sleep, shower. Ofer: 0503137261. No answer? Pls. txt or whatsapp.
Giv'at Olga
Ido - Near the beach - 050-2056285
Tamar - SHO - Sleep (outside/inside), shower 0549982729
3-5 hikers clsoe to the INT and the sea. Nofar - 0509280061 Lilia - 0546807929
Bar and Matan Messika - Up to 8 hikers. 050-5974092 ,052-8019853.
Up to 6 hikers, shower, kitchen, luandry, internet. Weekdays only. Nizhiya -  0523390755 .
SHO & keep kosher, by route 4. Shower, laundry. Ayala 04-6332132 or 052-2547458
Amsalem family, pickup/drop off, sleep, shower, internet, laundry, food, Shira: 052-6651256
SHO. City center. Pickup/Dropoff when possible. 2-4 hikers, more outside on the lawn. Sleep, shower, laundry. Hadas: 052-3292240
Adama farm in the Hadera forest - Refill water. Stay for more than 1 night in return for work on the farm. Yael - 0544530848; Bar - 0543177387
Kfar Ha'Roe - SHO Sleep, laundry, shower, food. You're invited to spend the Saturday. Pickup/drop off when possible. Israel - 0526070070
Haogen - For 2 hikers. on matresses. Cook your meals, shower ,0549526010 text pls.
Hofit - Pickup drop off. Sleep, food, shower, laundry, groceery store. I hiked the INT. Ma'ayan -  052-8900835
Be'erotayim pickup and drop off at mikhmoret Netta 09-8944867 best on weekends
Hermon family 09-8616095, S, M. 057-8170289/ 15 minutes from the INT. Pickup drop off.
Shira and Noam - 0524535700, 0544607919 . Sleep shower, internet. Pickup drop off.
Havazelet Hasharon - Very close to the sea. Sleep, shower, internet, laundry, meals. SHO Rachel - 0545423047


SHO. Sleep, shower, internet. In the center. Shlomo - 0549473374
SHO. Sleep on the yard. Tent or matresses if available. Interent, shower, kitchen. Udi: 058-6690166
Help and rescue, free of charge. Dori - 050-8566666
Even Yehuda - Uri 0524001050 Internet, shower, pickup and drop off at Poleg
Sleep, shower, internet, food, laundry. Avi & Libi - 052-8555584
Sleep in the yard. Shower, internet. Inbar - 052-4733759; Amit - 050-5384358
Kibbutz Shfa'im
Noam and Alona - Shower, Laundry (sleeping is not possible). 054-6605354
Sleep, food, shower, Tali and Haim, SHO - 052-5731723.
Arsuf - Amir 0522460792, shower, internet, sleep
Up to 4 hikers. S, I, M Nakhshon - 0542440655
Tent + two beds. Shower, cook your meals and coffee. Jacob 0545245884
Up to 4 in beds. Shower, food, internet. Neta - 0524824029; Joe - 0523344904.
Herzlia Sea Scouts, on the INT. Sleep, hot shower, electricity, internet. Noam -054-2440790
Former INT hiker. 15 min by bus from the INT. Shower, laundry, kitchen, grocery. Up to 4. Pls. text 054-4458833 Amit Har Paz.
Tel Aviv
SHO Sleep up to 4 hikers, shower, kitchen, Tzahi 050-6400136
City center in Neve Tzedek - Up to 4 hikers. Sleep, shower food (Non kosher). Restaurants in the area. Text or whatsapp: 052-8239924.
Ben Yehuda and Yirmiyahu streets. Or'el: 054-2539066
By Dizengoff center. 1-2 hikers. Bus #5 from the Yarkon park. Food, sleep, shower. Teeweit - 0549808955 Pls. text.
For 2 hikers, Emil Zola street by Dizengof & Ben Gurion streets. Shower, internet, sleep. Zohar - 0542332755
Up to 3 hikers. 15 min. walk from the INT or bus #5. Sleep, shower, kitchen. Sahar: 0542897811 Sharon: 0526085853
Nordau str. & Dizengoff. 5 minutes by bus from the INT ( TLV Harbor). 1-2 hikers sleeper sofa, shower, internet, use kitchen, TV. Yochai - 0508854434.
Up to 4 hikers. Sleep, shower, internet, food. Deeno: 054-6715949.
1-3 hikers. Close to the INT. Sleep, shower, coffee, internet. Gil'ad - 054-5598648.
Close to Dizengoff center. Large yard where you can stay. Gili - 0545764347
By the Carmel fruit market - Porch on the roof. Up to 4. All you need. Avi - 050-355-5209; Oren: 050-524-6605

From Ramat Gan to Beit Guvrinעריכה

  • Ramat Gan Sleep, shower, food, internet. Pickup & drop off. Ilana - 054-3977360
  • Pardes Katz - Close to the Yarkon and Ayalon shopping center. Students' community. Sleep, shower, internet, weekends to. Liat -  058-7231194
  • Hagor - (close to Afek park)- Elad 054-4753369, 054-2432904
  • Hod Hasharon
1 km from trail S, L, I, M 050-6617118 Arad
Yael - Sleep, laundry, shower 0549732169
Neve Yarak - Up to 3 hikers. Sleep, shower, food, internet, grocery store. Pickup/drop off. Pnini - 0523665991
Rosh Ha'ayin
Up to 6 hikers, beds, shower, internet. The Saar family (Dvir) 054-4444530
Up to 4 hikers sleep, shower, laundry, internet, SHO Avia - 0508441157 .
2 Hikers, sleep, shower, internet, meals, pickup/drop off Yanai- 054-6522343
Petah Tikva

Up to 4 hikers. Pickup / drop off. Meals, internet, weekends too. Sapir - 0524401225, Moni - 0505305842

Pickup from the Baptists' village. Up to 4 in a room. Shower, meals, laundry, supermarket. Nava 054-4564260. Shmuel 054-6733764
Kfar Sirkin
S, I Tami and Ya'ir Koren 03-9327631, 052-8776814
South of Kfar Sirkin (SHO) Up to 3 hikers . Shower & meals. Possible to stay on weekends. Eyal - 0544626779
El'ad - SHO - Up to 5 hikers, shower, laundry, meals, supermarket nearby. Ilai - 0508282298
Ronit & Dani Pearl -shower stamp - 052-4371780, 03-9320623
Renan and Neta Rozov - 050-6424230 , 050-5218775
Magshimim S - Karmit - 052366871, Oren 052-3689724, Pick up, drop off, meals.
Nehalim Sleep, shower, internet, grocery store. Asaf 0526000707
Asulin family - SHO - up to 4. Sleep, shower, meals, pickup dropoff . Orly 052-6640625, Shlomo 054-3266399
Nahmani family - A room for 2 hikers. S 10 minutes from the trail. 054-5477291 / 03-9772992
Halperin family - SHO - S, M Not on Saturdays - 0523586565
Yehuda Gefen - SHO - S, L, I Not on Saturdays - 052-4205394
Amir family. A room for 2-4 hikers. Sleep, shower, internet, food, laundry, pick up and drop off 0547978797 Roni
A room for two on weekends 3 on weekdays. Naama - 050-3399820


L, I Noa - 050-2157442 Shay - 050-5764646, 2-3 people, meals. Pickup and drop off.
Up to 4 hikers. Sleep, shower, laundry, use kitchen, supermarket, pickup/drop off when possible. Yokhi: 0506527973. Please do not call after 21:30.
Macabim-Reut Pickup and drop off available. S, L, I, M Sarah - 054-2311676
SHO. Up to 3 hikers, sleep, shower. Ariel 054-2383937, Tal - 052-8119900
SHO. Sleep, shower, meal, laundry. Adi & Niva - 050-6216985


SHO, Food, sleep internet. Can stay all weekend. Will pickup from the trail. Zohar - 0506256147
Pickup drop off, sleep, shower, laundry, grocery store. David - 0526611815; Tomer - 0503222470; Amir - 0542440493
Ben Shemen
The Shai family up to 4 hikers. Pickup and drop off. Sleep, shower, internet. 050-9054002 , 050-6278603
Shasho family - pickup & drop off, sleep, shower, internet and laundry, up to 4-5 hikers Shlomi 050-6775550, Dalit 050-9199747
Sha'alvim - a religious community
SHO - but you can arrive on Saturday too. Yael 050-7406890 - S
SHO Rachelli 0545672340
SHO. Sleep, shower,internet - Atara 050-6859533; Yossi 0507123544
Beit Hashmonai- Shower, sleep, Gilo family. Pickup and drop off possible when at home. Michal 0524884848, 089212628

Mishmar Ayalon - Up to 4 hikers. Shower, pickup, drop off if possible, internet, Avital & Shahar 0542-8916006

  • Messilat Zion - The Ahim (brother's) farm - Sleep, shower, water, food, WIFI. Groups too. Ramiel: 0526070029
  • Sha'ar Haguy farm (Beit Hamash'evot): Map 23 in the guide. 1 mile off the INT down from Mt. Orna on an unmarked dirt road. A room with double bed + 2 mattresses. Shower, laundry, WIFI, food, campfire possible. Dan: 0543196929 Korin: 0523795195.
  • Ma'ale Hahamisha - Contact : Shalom - 058-4384005
  • Tzova - A room for hikers, 6 beds. Shower & coffee. Shiloh 0535282892
  • Mevasseret Zion - 3 km off trail from the Sataf
Alon - I, S, M When possible will pickup from the Sataf - 0528636590
Meir - will pickup from the Sataf,0505215299 I, S, L, M
Sataf - Coffee shop - restrooms, water and stamp
Beit Za'it
Sleep , shower. Itamar - 0509831174
Up to 4 hikers. Shower, internet. Possible to cook. Tom - 0506763763
Hadassa medical center ~ 1 mile from the INT in Ein Kerem. 2 rooms, 5 beds & matresses, kitchen, shower, shopping cener, restaurant, coffee shop & minimarket. .Tel: - 02-6777677. After the voice message press 1 and leave your tel. number, arrival date and number of hikers, you will be contacted.
Even Sapir
Amir Baumfeld - Sleep. 200 m from Ein Hindak. 0509429289
Sleep in the living room (bed) up to 2 hikers. Shower, internet, kitchen - Leebat - 052-8512995
Two double beds. Shower, internet, food , laundry. Shooshan 0508846854, Yaakov 054-5881434 home 02-5631603
Shay and Eynat. Sleep in the living room - 2 hikers. 0549777067
City center - Shamai street. Former INT hiker. Double bed + sofa, shower, meals, laundry, pickup/drop off if possible. Matan - 0528469879.
Baq'a - Fornmer INT hikers. Hanan'el - 0528884962 Sar'el - 0527721688. Pls. don't call on Saturdays.
Talpiot - Take a bus.  SHO, Sleep, food, shower, internet, laundry, logistics, Tzippi 0525638988 Home 02-6711277  S
Liat - Kosher food 054-5851983
Shirli and Gideon S, M 02-6784230 / 0506233595
Giv'at Hamivtar - Nir and Inbal - S For 2 hikers.  02-6540537 / 054-4569811
Talpiot - Noam 0547610229
Giv'at Havradim (Rasko) - Sleep, shower, WIFI, food. Pls. don't call late in the evening. Omer - 050-6652800
Kiryat Moshe - Meals, internet, sleep, laundry. Roi - 0585556667
Malha - 2 km from Ein Lavan. Up to 3 hikers. Pickup/drop off only if possible. Sleep, shower, meal sometimes if possible. Hagai - (former INT hiker) - 0503955445
Tzur Hadassa
Sharon 0542801938 Up to four hikers, meals, showers, internet, close to shop.
Avi - Sleep & shower 02-5340883
Sleep, shower, laundry. Revital - 054-7346962
SHO, 3 beds, shower, laundry, meals, all week. Naama - 0544505191
SHO, Up to 4 hikers. Shower, vegan meal, all week, grocery store, easy access on route 375. Sagi - 052-3852099
Bar Giora
Kosher food,  internet, shower ,sleep Elyashiv 052-8321402 , Hadar 052-8530571 02-6410492
Sleep, shower internet, kosher food. Rivka 052-4070620 Tzahi 054-4802655
Mevo Beitar - Sleep, shower, internet, laundry, meals. Gil-0506995265, Ofir - 054-4908781
Shalom (my name is Shalom) Shower and sleep. 0523627713
Sleep and shower - Reuven & Shulamit. Pls. leave by 07:00. Tel: 0544504377
Sleep, meals, shower. internet, laundry. Gil: 050-6995265 Ofir: 054-4908781.
SHO, Welcome on weekends. Sleep, shower, laundry, internet. Carmel - 054-8112104; Yehuda - 050-6280083

Netiv Ha'Lamed'He (Grocery store) Up to 5 in a small apartment. Shower, use kitchen. 24/7. Golan 054-227-1557 Sleep, shower, use kitchen, TV, A/C. Ofek : 0527979223 Tal : 050-9967307. Logistical support at night. From Netiv Ha;Lamed'He to Beit Guvrin. Water supply, drive to train/bus station. Pay for food. Ronen - 052-6254615

  • Zekharia Shower, sleep. Please leave by 07:00. Reuven & Shlomit 054-4504777
  • Sarigim Lion
M, S, L I ,sleep, (probably) hot meal, Internet, shower, wash-machine, water, hiking books, no dryer, grocery store. Sunday-Tuesday only. Achinoam- 052-6939787, Alon- 054-9965465
The cave - Sleep in natural cave maintained for hikers. Shower, internet, grocery store nearby. Tal: 0547798992, Tal: 0546864348
Giv'at Yesha'ayahu
SHO. Sleep, shower, grocery store. Pickup & drop off. Ziv - 050-4332042. e-mail:
Sleep, shower, meals. Ayelet - 0506711550
Tzafririm - Up to 4 hikers. Pickup & drop off. Nadav & Hagar 050-2206564. On week days only.
Beit Guvrin - Sleep , shower. Ohad 0549574663. Roni Malka - 0524417925

From Lakhish to Eilatעריכה

  • Lakhish
  • Up to 5 hikers. Sleep (matresses on the porch), shower, supper, laundry, grocery store. Amir - 0507738487, Neta - 050-5662981
  • Ahuzam
SHO - A room and shower 0547407507 Osher.
Sleep, shower, food, internet. 2-3 hikers. Heidi. Cell: 052-4874787
Philippe farm - 2 km off trail - Small camping site, restrooms and water. From Thursday to Saturday buy a breakfast from the farm's store 050-4758787
Kibbutz Dvir - A room up to 6 hikers, NIS 10/person. Grocery store. On Friday evening dinner in the dining room of the kibbutz - NIS 35. Ilana Levin 052-8105316. To enter the kibbutz from the rear gate by the INT contact Ilana.
Kibbutz Lahav - Stamp. Two rooms for hikers, 6 or more beds. Hot shower, refrigerator, coffee. Grocery store in the kibbutz. Avi Navon - 050-5474749
Sansana - No need to contact prior to arrival. 050-2131007 At the gate ask where is "Mit'ham Sofer"
Kibbutz Kramim
Sleep on the lawn, take a shower. Efrat - 0522536220
Shower, room if available, meals, internet 08-6597131; 052--8991842


Sleep (tent/room) 2-4 hikers, shower, internet, treatment of pain assocaited with long hiking. Dr.
Oshri Ben Dor - 0502429375
The Partosh family, sleep, shower, coffee & cake (week days only) - Yehudit - 0509077663
Sleep, shower, meals, laundry - Shne'ur - 0545391770
Sleep, shower, meals 054-8005389 Raz, 054-6302189 (Meitar) Viti

The Pintov fam. - Up to 2 hikers in a room. Shower, internet, toilet, kitchen, hot tea, laundry. Niv 0508948653 Livnat 0507834399

Dana S, I 052-3749838. Please do not call after 20:00
Tirza and Haim Yovel - Sleep, shower, kitchen 054-4423216
The Gur Family. SHO, 050-8624022
Nir - I, S 054-6245982, a bed, a room, or optional sleeping on the balcony, hot shower, toilets and internet
Boaz - Sleep on the lawn. Shower, kitchen,laundry 052-6154072
Davis family. SHO, Up to 4, bed or mat. Food, shower, laundry, internet. Shaul - 0544222892
Lev Yatir - SHO. ~2 km off the INT. 2-3 hikers. Adiela 054-5642500
Shani - Sleep, shower. Yosi - 0542440581
Amasa - A Room for hikers + shower. No need to coordinate. From the gate go to the parking lot (on your left). Cross it and after a kids' play gorund there's a building with a green fence. The hikers' room is outside the fence.
Tel Arad - Restrooms, refill water.
Up to 8 hikers in 2 separate apartments, in special hikers rooms. Shower, internet, meals, laundry, sleep. Nati- 055-660-7528 , Noa- 052-461-2956
 SHO. All week, meals, shower all you need. Yafit - 0542523773
Large bedouin tent: heating, shower. Use of digging tools for the caching trip. Arie Schiff : 054-4649258 Lea 054-4726825
Rachel Paine - 2 hikers. Sleep, shower, use the kitchen 050-3070544
Shower, interent. Up to 4 hikers in our house.08-9954096 054-7510-526 Seeko and Avi
Ayalim students' residence - Sleep, internet, shower, - 0526420600
Avitan fam. SHO ,Aharon: 0526572257.
Up to 6 hikers SHO, Laundry, Shower, towels, meals. Azaria family. Shlomi - 052-6593434. Yaffa - 052-6085170.
Eliav SHO - 3-4 hikers. 0526070026
Rosilio family - SHO Up to 4 hikers. All you need. Zion - 0527053434
SHO, up to 4 hikers in the house (more outside), shower, internet. Ifat - 0504230174; Gavriel - 0523114109. Please text.
Oron - Meals occasionally available from the plant's kitchen. Check at the gate.
SHO. Up to 3 hikers. Shower, laundry. Liora - 0525834696
Up to3 hikers. Shower, laundry. Nissim - 0504217087
Midreshet Ben Gurion - Grocery store
Arthur - Stay at his place (free of charge), Mail Drop. e-mail: - 0523920891
Sleep, shower, meals, laundry. Shai & Yael Yagel - 0523689690
Avital & Ilan - shower, meals, sleep 08-6532326 or 052-5428510
Tamir and Adi: bed, shower, laundry, internet (free of charge) - 0528596203
Mariela and Ofir - Sleep, shower,internet, use the kitchen 0544901703 or 0584444042  
A room for hikers -  Tal - 054-3386878
Ido - sleep, shower, internet, cook your meals 0545600787
Revital - sleep, shower. 054-4717019
Room, hot shower, laundry, kitchen and anything else. Yuval- 0544731988
Joel & Daphna, sleep, shower, cooking, internet and all you need. 054-2470764 / 054-2256690
Itai & Noy - Up to 4 hikers, sleep, shower, cooking, laundry. Former INT hikers. 050-8549505 ; 054-667-3610
Vered: shower, internet, sleep, kitchen 050-4472544 and 050-6891133
Up to 4 hikers. Sleep, shower, laundry, use kitchen. Pls. coordiate 3 days in advance. Hannah - 050-5662499
Mizpe Ramon
Nahum & Gila Tevski SHO : Sleep, shower, internet, laundry. 052-7204626
Ari and Shira, sleep, shower SHO 0527204800
SHO, up to 4 hikers, sleep, shower,laundry, Friday night meals.. Yaffa & Itamar - 052-7204792
Sleep and shower Maor 0527204527 Hannah - 0585404434
Ein Yahav (10 km north of Sapir) S Amit Reis 052-2919333
Sapir - Grocery store
Up to 3 hikers. Sleep in beds, shower, use kitchen. Raziel - 055-8852275
Moshe - SHO - 054-5458770
Oded Ba'arava house - Laundry, shower, sleep - 054-2092907 (Shahar), 054-2229912 (Itamar)
  • Zofar

Grocery store: Open 8:00-14:00 ; 17:00-20:00, Tuesdays & Fridays 08:00-14:00

    • Eliyahu - 0523666099
    • Up to 2 hikers. Sleep on mattresses in the living room, shower. Guy - 052-5190011
  • Tzukim

Up to 6 hikers on matresses. Shower, hot water. Use kitchenette. WIFI. Up to 2 nights. Volunteer for additional nights. Volunteering can be coordinated in Tzukim. Small organic grocery store. Reservations on line only and currently in Hebrew. Ask a Hebrew speaker for help. We can host only hikers that have reserved on line. Thanks! Up to 4 hikers, shower, kitchen, wifi. Option for a ride to barak wadi in the morning. Dor 052-6352342 Samar - :Natalie and Lorent 052-4562357

  • Neot Smadar - Not on weekends. No grocery store. Bat-el or Hillel - 054-9798952  
  • Shaharut - Camel riders' khan - 2 km north of the village refill water and sleep in a large tent only if place available.
  • Eilat
    • SHO & Kosher. Welcome for a weekend too. Sleep, shower, food, laundry, pickup/drop off if possible. Uria - 0527220176
    • The Shelter - First night free for thru hikers only based upon availability 086332868
Liran - Sleep, shower, internet. 052-8222772

Mail Drop Serviceעריכה

Mail a package to yourself. This free of charge service is required mainly between Arad to Eilat.

  • Midreshet Ben Gurion

Arthur - Stay at his place (free of charge), Mail Drop. e-mail: - 052-3920891

  • Mizpe Ramon

Mail a package to the post office. You must include your name, and the name of the post office manager in Mizpe Ramon - Almog. The address of the post office in Mizpe Ramon is: Ben - Gurion street 8/9 Mizpe Ramon 80600. Tel: : +972-8-6588416 +972-8-6588416   Please contact by phone the post office before sending the package and verrify with the manager. This is not a regular service of the Israeli post office, it is provided only in Mizpe Ramon. Opening hours: Sun+Thu 08:00-18:00; Mon+Tue 08::00-12:30 and 15:30-18:00; Wed 08:00-13:30; Fri 08:00-12:00; Sat- Closed

The Green Backpackers - NIS 70. Shower, sleep, kitchenette, laundry, DVD, assist in caching water. Mail Drop .e-mail: 054-6907474 Li
  • Shaharut

Camel rider nomads camp - 1.5 km north of Shaharut, NIS 35 Tent, meals (extra cost), shower & toilet, a mobile camp to assist you, Mail Drop , logistics & support, Einat 052-8376332, Amir e-mail: - 052-3351357

Water caching trips in the desert עריכה

Water caching service in the desert, share a ride too, not free of charge

  • Haim Berger - 054-5343797 E-mail: Share a cache for solo hikers or small groups of 2 hikers. Pay according to the number of caches you need.
  • Yanir Yagel - Mitzpe - Ramon 0542461066 or e-mail:
  • Yoram Zvik - Yeroham - 054-4761761 e-mail:
  • Amir Gadnaor - Shaharut - 052-3351357
  • Tamar Ba'midbar - Be'er Ora - water services and logistic support in the Arava - 058-4470004
  • Ben'ad - Water chaching trip from Arad to Eilat. Pickup/drop off in Tel Aviv is possible upon request 052-4028911.

Taxi serviceעריכה

Always ask to turn on the meter. Fixed price rides are significantly more expensive. Please make sure that the taxi driver does not charge for your bacpack that you put in his trunk.

  • Kiryat Shemona - Yaron Partuk - 050-736-3636
  • Arad - Eli Levi 052-2889579 08-9953791
  • Dimona Uzi - 052-3557105, Yosi - 050-6435420
  • Mizpe Ramon (Large VAN) - Tuba - 052-6500666
  • Eilat - Victor - 0522797752

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